The Lighting Thief Book Trailer

Welcome all to my Olympus. Here we watch anime all day and never worry about mortals. Ashnedia (Ash- Ne-Dye-A), Goddess of  Students. Today, I replace Dianna and will be telling her tale of wonder,love, and adventure. I tell the tale of Percy Jackson, and the Lighting Thief. Long ago in ancient times, the three god brothers, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades made a promise to never venture to the mortal world, for their offspring will only cause chaos, and destruction. One day, Perseus Jackson was born as the son of Poseidon. As the years passed on, the child knew nothing of his father or the gods. Until the day, Zeus’s lighting bolt disappears. Now Percy must battle horrid beasts, and angry gods to save the world.


Inspirational Quote of the Day

Bonjour, my wondrous virtual beings! Sorry for skipping 2 weeks but i got a little busy so…… please enjoy this post.

Today I wanted to talk about memories. Anything at all that you remember. We all have good and bad memories but we only see them as good or bad. Right now all of think of the most happiest time of you can remember. Why were you happy, who was there with you, what were you doing? Now think of the worst memory you can remember. What happened, who was with you then, what did you do? Now take those memories and forget them. This my be the happiest or saddest time of your life and you may want to keep them very close to you. but there will be more times where you’ll be happier then before and sadder than before. There is no such thing as a perfect memory because there are so many new memories you’re missing. The next time you make a new memory, remember this:


Inspirational Quote of The Day

Hola, amigos! Today is another inspirational quote! I wanted to related this to all kinds of self-esteem issues and today we are talking about giving up. Think back to a time where you did something then halfway through, you gave up. It could’ve been a sport, class, club, or even a hobby. Now that you have your memory, think about how you truly felt when you started….. Now think about how you felt when you quit. Some of you quit because your friend stopped doing it, some of you quit because it became boring, some of you might have quit just because you hated the work you had to do. Well, forget every single negative feeling you had and remember all the good times. How much fun you had, the people you met, the effort behind every decision you made. But most importantly, remember this:




Enjoy the video! baiiii!!!!!



A Letter To Malala

شام بخیر (Good Evening), I have a brand new post for you all today and I am pretty sure most of you aren’t new to the topic. Malala Yousafzai. Many of you may know here as the girl who was shot in the face by the Taliban, well, I know her as an inspirational symbol of equality, education, and determination. My assignment was to write a letter addressing what I thought of her and why she is an admirable young lady, I hope you enjoy.



Dear Malala,

I am Dianna and I am 12 years old. My classmates and I have been reading and learning about your past and understanding what it was like for you to be in a situation where nobody else was brave enough to stand for what they believed in like you did. When we read your book “I am Malala”, there were many discussions on how you worked hard for others and stood your ground, even when you were afraid. I thought that what you did was extremely remarkable because of the way you kept pushing, fighting, and hoping for a way that all students, regardless of their gender, could attend school to get an education. You are a true inspiration and that’s what helps millions of girls today to fight for their right for education. Thank you for all that you’ve done and for all that you will achieve.



Inspirational Quote of The Day

Kombawa ( Good evening)! Today, I have another quote and lesson for you all today. This morning my homeroom teacher told the class about how some people we know could have depression and we don’t even know about it. I want to reach out to those kids and say this, YOU ALL HAVE SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL AND YOU MAY NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT IT IS DEFINITELY THERE. I have had my fair share of bullying and trust me when I say it was NOT one of my best memories. But soon I got the help from those who I love and it all worked out. Please keep fighting and remember this:





I would also like to thank all my fans and followers for the support and love you’ve all given me. ❤ ❤ ❤


Inspirational Quote of the Day

Kon’nichiwa, watashi no hitobito (Hello,my people), today’s post is a bit different from the rest and isn’t a school assignment. I know there’s a lot of kids and teens struggling to fit in and follow the crowd, but what they don’t realize is why be a follower when you could be a leader. If any of you suffer from thinking that you don’t fit in, you aren’t normal, or your just invisible, just know that there are people out there who see you for who you are and not for what you aren’t. And really just think about it, if someone takes time out of their day just to make you feel bad think of it as if they were so jealous of how you didn’t have to run that extra mile just to impress your ‘friends’ or do as your told just to be ‘likable’. They feel if they put you down it will bring them higher. But they only have as much power as you give them. Remember this:

Happiness Is Found When You Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People




Please watch the video and I hope you all enjoy the rest of you day. Bai-Bai





Hello my angels, I am back today with another post on a neglected topic, LGBT+ rights. So we were assigned a project where you had to write a poem for a contest (which I didn’t compete in) .I wanted to find something no one would write about so I chose the topic of LGBT+ rights. As a child many wouldn’t expect me to know whats going on in terms of this but I do and I am not okay with it. Someone can get ignored, bullied, and treated like trash just because they like the same gender they are and no one does anything to stop it. I know that I have some people thinking ” Well your just a child so you couldn’t possibly understand.” and what I say to that is if am just a child then your just an adult that just stands by and watches the entire world torture someone who is exactly like you. Anyway I hope you all enjoy my poem and stick around for my next post.


WE are all human

Not matter what we are told

We choose our own path

And let the story unfold

Who are we to say

Who we LOVE is wrong

LOVE is what we make it

No matter how weak or how strong


Something with no limit

It is what we feel for another

Passion embedded in it

 One who chooses who one LOVES

Gender matter not

I thank the wondrous people

Seeking equality and fought

Star Darlings Trailer

Ohayoo(Good morning) my lovely readers! Todays’ post is something girly, cute and completely cover in glitter. I have recently read one of the star darlings book series and this book is Scarlet Discovers True Strength. I love how the book gives you a feeling of warmth and kindness. To sum it up, Scarlet was supposed to be a member of an elite group of wish makers with the highest grades in top skills she should have made the team in an instant but another girl took her place. Unfortunately, this girl was not star darling material ended up almost losing a special wish.  But Scarlet came to save the day! I would give this story 5 (thousand) stars, it is just a good book. You can buy this book at Barnes&Noble for $3.79.I hope you enjoy the video and seeya next time!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mini Memoir

Konichiwa, reader-chan. From the title you can kind of tell what todays post is about. In my language arts class we have recently read about the history of Colin Powell, and have been assigned to write our own memoir about an important event in our lives. So I decided to write about the first time I was introduced to anime.Here we goooo!



So it was the summer of 2014. I was a young girl with an interest in everything but never had anything that really grabbed my attention. I always spent my days in front of a screen, in a book, or outside ,but, I wanted to have something to do always not just an activity to keep me busy.  I’ve tried many like painting, sports (which did not go so well), playing instruments, and even dedicating my afternoons to watching every single Barbie movie we had (basically all the movies). Nothing I did satisfied me enough to keep the activity as a hobby or an interest. But on one sunny day, I was left at home being babysat by my aunt. She and I were alike in many ways, we loved books, disliked being outside for to long, and were very distant people. We were basically twins except for our personal interests. She liked to anime in her room but the shows were all in Japanese. After a while, I became curious as to what happening in every show and learning the new language so everyday I spent my time watching tv with her until the end of summer. Soon, I started to watch anime on my own and realized the story plots and the art were very amusing to me. That brings us to the short otaku girl I am today.




Thank you guys for reading todays post I hope you enjoyed it and I am really glad to share this with you guys! This wouldn’t seem important to most people but it is what made me the person I am today. Arigatogozamashita (Thank you)!  See you next time!